Hot Ball Busting Reviews
Amanda, the girl who loved to be on top

Amanda was a nineteen year old student of psychology. She was the hottest girl studying in the university. Many boys in the campus wanted to befriend her and make her their girlfriend and probably end up having sex with her. But she was an extremely hard nut to crack. She was full of attitude and had an air about herself. All her previous boyfriends looked like minions in front of her. She had this aura or a so called power with which she used to treat all her ex-boyfriends just like her servant. She knew how to dominate over a man and break their self esteem, the skill which is also known as ballbusting. She was and ultimate ball-buster in that sense.

Amanda knew this art of ballbusting very well. She was a kind of woman for whom any man could give away everything for her charm and beauty. She was such a seductress that a man could give away everything in his life to achieve her. But if anyone who gets a chance to be with Amanda would have to shed all his pride and ego and be at her footsteps like a pet dog. May be she was worth it, otherwise she would not have such a fan following in the university. 

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